Today’s Code officials handling municipal plan reviews face numerous challenges.  We at Townzen & Associates understand that there are times when you might need additional help with municipal plan review. The team of professionals at Townzen & Associates can assist in all aspects of building, fire code and fire protection system plan reviews.

Our staff reviews all manner of development projects, from residential remodels to complex structures to determine compliance with all applicable building codes, and development related regulations and laws. Townzen & Associates offers plan review for building, plumbing, mechanical, structural, accessibility, energy, geotechnical, grading, drainage, subdivision maps, and improvements, fire code, and all types of fire suppression systems. Townzen & Associates' aim is to provide contractual turn-key services.

A Townzen & Associate plan review includes accurate code interpretation, review of construction plans for all applicable code disciplines and identification of areas of noncompliance.

We also understand the importance of providing technically comprehensive reviews of drawings and construction documents in a timely manner and can provide accelerated reviews when required by the applicant to meet their construction schedule. If the plans are not approved on the first review, we will provide one re-review of revised constructed documents at no additional fee.

Expedited Plan Review
Many jurisdictions offer expedited plan reviews for applicants on a tight schedule. Townzen & Associates responds to the jurisdiction and the applicant’s needs by ensuring that their deadlines are met. Expedited projects are accelerated by giving the project top priority and working diligently with the applicant and their design team to resolve issues quickly. Additional fees are charged based on the turnaround schedule.

Third Party Review
If your plan review staff has shrunk along with your consultant plan review budget but you find you still need plan reviews, consider a “Third Party” agency. Townzen & Associates is a consultant plan review agency and a third-party provider to many jurisdictions throughout Washington.

No contract between the jurisdiction and the reviewing agency is required. There is no budget impact. You are assured of high-quality plan reviews without dealing with the applicant, engineer, architect, or contractor until the permit is ready to be issued. Contact us and we can help you with the guidelines for establishing a Third Party Plan Review.

Perhaps most important, because of years of experience in the municipal service sector, is that we know the significance of delivering reasonably priced services and keeping your costs down.