There are times when local officials are faced with projects that are beyond their local capabilities either by time to handle major fast track projects, or by a facility proposal that is outside their comfort zone and realm of expertise. 

Townzen & Associates can help local jurisdictions with this dilemma. By providing unparalleled service through a broad range of consulting methods, Townzen & Associates ensures that the technical report or assistance utilizes efficient construction technology for effective life safety, property protection and model code compliance.  Townzen & Associates' in-depth knowledge and involvement of National Fire Codes will facilitate all issues specific to both new construction and remodeling of existing facilities.

As indicated in the code section, the local authority can require this technical assistance or report at no cost to the jurisdiction and has the final say on who does this work.

Townzen & Associates has a diverse staff ready to meet any property and personnel challenge related to fire, security, safety, and natural or man-made disasters. Our team of former executive fire officials, former code enforcers, engineers and industry technicians enables us to offer a comprehensive fire, security, safety, and loss control program - and ensures that we have the right person for the job.

Code Consulting

Take advantage of our code experts and their expertise. Many of our staff are involved at the highest level of the building and fire codes through commitment to various associations within our industry. We have been involved in teaching classes, code development, and have served on numerous committees and boards for organizations in the building and fire code enforcement industry.

Available to represent your jurisdiction on large, highly-visible, or complicated projects, our staff will provide unbiased recommendations and background information to help you and your staff make informed decisions on code-related issues or understandings.