Townzen & Associates understands the numerous pressures that you are facing while creating a safe environment that addresses operational, construction, and practical difficulties. Our goal is to provide you the peace of mind of knowing that your fire protection needs are being addressed properly, allowing you to focus on other concerns.

Our project engineering consulting division provides the insight and analysis you need to meet prescriptive code requirements and performance objectives. Our engineering team is composed of top engineers and former code officials, so we have the breadth of vision and depth of knowledge to deliver creative solutions that work on the drawing table and on the factory floor. We provide you with the right answers at the right time to save you time and money.

Our expertise ensures that we can prevent costly delays that often occur during occupancy inspections by identifying potential issues at the start of a project - something that lets you stick to your budget and deadlines. We also pride ourselves on our ability to provide recommendations that meet your operational needs and provide the highest level of life safety.

Compliance reviews, especially when conducted early in the development process and done in partnership with the building and fire officials, provides the most cost-effective means to satisfy requirements and create a safe environment. Our full-service engineering offers a comprehensive suite of engineering services and advanced technologies that provide your facility with an unparalleled level of life safety.

Below are Brief Descriptions of our Key Services:

Hazard Evaluation: We evaluate hazards for performance based on the construction type, the protection levels used in the building, the occupancy of the building, the processes in the building, and local response capabilities. By taking all of these factors into account, we provide designers with comprehensive information.

Computer Modeling: We use the latest computer modeling techniques to ensure that you have the most effective fire suppression and detection systems, as well as a comprehensive evacuation program. We utilize: timed egress modeling, smoke evacuation modeling, fire detection device activation time (sprinklers and smoke/heat detectors), and compartment fire modeling.

Design Methodology: Our engineers tie together code requirements, test data, and computer modeling in order to create designs that reduce hazards and provide the highest level of property protection.

Value Engineering: Because our staff knows the construction side of system engineering and system installation, as well as the latest technologies available, we can significantly reduce your expenditures.

Insurance Benefit Facilitation: Townzen & Associates can represent your dealings with multiple property and casualty insurance companies to ensure that you receive the maximum credit possible for your protection investment.