Smart Design Services for Your Project Needs

Townzen & Associates' project design service has one purpose - to provide the right protection in the most efficient, cost-effective manner available.

Our design professionals have years of experience in creating bid submittal and full drawings that work in real settings. We provide accurate, cost-effective designs for virtually any type of active fire protection or notification system. Our scope of services ranges from bid drawings, to submittal drawings and installation-ready documents. We are knowledgeable about the latest tools, codes, and manufacturer’s offerings, so we know how to design the most efficient and effective systems. Plus, our relationships with local jurisdictions and our company’s reputation greatly improve the reception of drawings.

Whether you need a bid drawing to select the right subcontractor, a submittal drawing for timely review by a local jurisdiction, or the design of a comprehensive system, we can deliver a product that helps you be more efficient and reduce costs. Whatever your project requires, we will develop the appropriate solution.

  • Fire Protection Systems Design
Our design team has the expertise to handle any challenging situation that you are facing. Our automatic fire sprinkler system designs use the most current information and products available to develop sprinkler system designs that provide the highest benefit-to-cost ratio. Early system design allows for complete coordination of the sprinkler system with other design disciplines, limiting potential field issues and costly changes or delays. Our sprinkler system design services cover any facility occupancy, including residential, retail, institutional, commercial, and industrial.  
  • Fire Alarm System Design

By keeping abreast of new products, systems, and software, our designers ensure that you utilize the best technology available. Because Townzen & Associates is an independent design firm, there is no proprietary interest in any manufacturer’s products, allowing us to recommend the best and most cost-effective materials to meet your needs. We design systems with you in mind, and will work with all manufacturers to guarantee that you get the best results.