Physical Security Assessments

A Physical Security Assessment, also known as a Security Survey, is an analysis of your facility or facilities to understand what your current security is and identify your limitations or overabundance. This is accomplished by collecting data from interviews, observation and review of select documents.

Security Lighting Survey

A lighting survey is included in our Physical Security Assessment but for those who don't need a full assessment we can provide you a lighting survey. This is not a photometric lighting analysis! We will take lighting measurements in parking lots, pathways and entrances and provide back written and pictorial data. Along with the data we will point out those areas that are operating with less than safe lighting levels.

Technical Security Design

Technical Security Design happens after you have had a Physical Security Assessment whether that is by us or by another consultant. We will then take your assessment and use that as a basis for selecting a product and designing a system that meet and / or exceed your expectations. When we say exceed we don't mean designing all those "cool" features that you will never use features that may have initial or future service costs. It's important to get what you need to secure your facility but its also important to keep an eye on the future service costs that could come from some of these "cool" features. This is where our experience and expertise will help you watch your bottom line.

Contractor Selection Assistance & Implementation Management

With a Technical Security Design in hand its time get your facility security upgraded and you'll need a security contractor. We know its not everyday that you select a vendor to put in or upgrade your security system. It may be something you have never done or it may be something you have done on several occasions and actually enjoy. My first questions to clients is "with all of your other duties do you REALLY have time to do this?" Do you? We can help you solicit, evaluate and select a vendor and assist you in system implementation management.

A & E Design Team

We also have vast experience in all phases of construction projects and have can take designs from pre-design, schematic design (SD), design development (DD), construction documents (CD), bidding and construction. Although we do get asked by the A&E team on occasion our greatest success is when the client requests our services. During most construction projects in many cases the client has an existing system and this is no problem for us. With our many years of industry experience there isn't many things we haven't seen.

System Commissioning

Whether your system is new and needs initial commissioning or its been installed awhile and your just not sure everything is working as it should we can help. Access Control, Video Surveillance or Intrusion Alarm give us a call and we can customize a commissioning plan for you.

Specification Rescue

A service that isn't used often but is available in the unfortunate circumstance where your system was specified by someone else and is just not working properly or at all. We can come in and evaluate your current situation and technology selection and work with you to get the "ship turned around" so to speak. (This service is only offered on a T&M basis!)

Technology Selection

There are occasions you just need support in sorting through all the products out there. We would review your desires and concerns with you and narrow the manufacturer field down from 2-3. Then we would coordinate product demonstrations with the selected manufacturers and help you evaluate which product will be best suited to your unique requirements. (This service is only offered on a T&M basis!)