Townzen & Associates provides a wide range of consulting services tailored to the needs of today's business leaders. 

We help owners, project managers, and fire services organizations find practical solutions by offering: 

Site EvaluationsProviding unbiased assessment of water supply capabilities and site feasibility and providing for early pursuit of alternative solutions where deficiencies exist.
Design Reviews  identifying potential design and operational issues, as early as the concept phase of a project.
Jurisdiction Mitigation and Code Negotiationidentifying high cost-impact issues so that compromises can be negotiated for what would otherwise become major issues.
Appeals Process leading the process that allows for proposals to be pursued through further channels.
Hazardous Material Analysis and Disclosure relieving you from having to research, evaluate, and submit complex hazardous materials information.
Acceptance Testing of Fire Protection Systemsproviding a level of assurance that fire protection systems are fully operational and meet the owner’s mandated requirements.

We provide the total understanding of code intent and how each applies to your specific project 


The best possible fire protection solution in the industry.

Building / Fire Code 

Knowledge is the key to success in code application. Our research and identification of applicable codes is based on each project's circumstances and requirements. We present innovative solutions which save time and money in design, construction and operations and evaluate approaches which integrate the various building systems into a comprehensive fire protection and life safety package.

Code Equivalency Development
Intent is at the base of code requirements. When you have an understanding of the code’s intent, you are able to explore all available options during planning stages. Our experts create solutions that comply with the intent of fire and safety regulations, while minimizing restrictions that could impact timelines and budgets.

Performance-Based Code Compliance

Our breadth of experience reveals that some projects require a new approach to implement fire and life safety standards. The principals of performance-based design are used to discover alternative methods that ensure the code and standard requirements are met. We use scientific modeling tools to determine fire growth, exit times, system activation times, smoke movement and other variables.