Customer Satisfaction is our First Priority

Established in 2005, Townzen & Associates has assisted the needs of cities, counties, tribal nations, and other public and private agencies.  Townzen & Associates combines dedication, integrity, and quality leadership to provide building, engineering, and community development support services for both local governmental and private agencies.

We accomplish this by providing the highest value of services and by using a team of professionals who are committed to offering highly beneficial programs covering the current and anticipated issues and needs of the client. 

While our staff's expertise is equal or superior to any firm, it is our team's passion for providing unmatched service that makes Townzen & Associates unique. We take our commitment to service so seriously in that  we recruit, train, and reward consultants based on how well they meet - and exceed - your expectations.

Townzen & Associates has a diverse staff ready to meet any property and personnel challenge related to building, fire, security, safety, and natural or man-made disasters. Our team of former executive fire and building code officials, former code enforcers, engineers and industry technicians enables us to offer a comprehensive fire, building, security, safety, and loss control program - and ensures that we have the right person for the job.  We understand your issues, challenges, and responsibilities and we offer proven methods to improve your effectiveness.

Townzen & Associates delivers a quality product on time, every time. We have earned a reputation for stellar service because we are responsive, innovative, and deliver quality products.