Our Local Agency Services

Our clients benefit from Townzen & Associates, Inc. (TA) astute understanding of local government issues and priorities, and this knowledge allows us to effectively address the specific needs of our clients and attain the objectives of the agency.

We consider ourselves an extension of your staff which drives delivery of our higher standard of service and includes “out of the box” thinking and problem-solving. Business and technology changes quickly and because TA Consultants are attuned to what is happening within government, we are creative in quickly confronting challenges and understand that flexibility, adaptability and innovation are always required. We have top-of-their-field people dedicated to using their experience and knowledge to make your job easier.

All projects are considered exceptional—going beyond a merely sufficient level of effort—dedicating our people and resources toward a project’s success. We pride ourselves in long-term relationships and winning partnerships with much of our work from valuable referrals and repeat clients. You’ll find we have a solid reputation for responsiveness and quality work.

TA is qualified to assist Building and Fire Departments with all aspects of department management, whether on site or at our office. These services typically include:

Building / Fire Code Official Services:
• Develop and pass ordinances
• Establish policies and procedures
• Determine Department's budget
• Manage records
• Represent the department at Planning Department development meetings
• Supervise Building/Fire Department staff
• Project coordination
• Interface with the public

Building / Fire Plan Reviews:
• Review plans for code compliance
• Issue plan review correction letters
• Code enforcement and interpretation
• Interface with the public

Building / Fire Inspections:
• Provide progress and final inspections
• Issue correction and stop work notices
• Maintain documentation per jurisdictions' established policies
• provide solutions to problems when appropriate

• Interface with the public

Each of these disciplines requires an understanding of how to enforce building and fire code requirements while maintaining a high level of customer service. This takes training in communication and an appreciation for the applicants' perspective.

It is TA's years of experience that offer jurisdictions a knowledgeable, professional, and respectful approach to building and fire code enforcement.